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Post  STOO01 on Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:51 pm

A complaint for teams conduct, last season I was in the team that played versus sunbeam at blazers , sunbeam had protested about a person in the pub who they said had been a bother to them superman not a blazers player

last thusday in sunbeam molly's played at the beam, the sunbeam captain having to shout at his team all night about things his team had been shouting out about the game and to players at the table thats a Bite 

sunbeam captain who was ref for frame 15 at past 12am said to molly malones player who was playing I'm giving you a warning for slow play this was not taken well by the player and this caused an argument between the teams , molly malones saying how can you call that after 4 hours of play with 2 frames to play you start wanting the game to be played faster , this started a big argument with pushing and shouting we need u 

really I haven't seen this kind of childish behaviour since the game at den , frame 9 seen a sunbeam player arguing with his team about what shot he had played , words cant describe the way they argued about nothing all night grow up  

frame 16 with beam 8-7 up had to win for the victory, their last player played a difficult shot and lost the frame then the players from his team started arguing with him and 2 players had to be held of fighting each other

I said to the chairman after the sunbeam had finished arguing about one of their players loseing a frame that it was worse than what happened last season when you boys protested at blazers, but he was not bothered as it was not his team in the wrong then Rolling Eyes 
the match went on till well past midnight (12.30)  the publican stated that finish your drinks for quarter past or I will come round and take the glasses and pub the drink down the sink, saying that the police and licencing law was the reason any pub ive ever been in has never said this🇳🇴 
if you buy a drink before 12 that drink is yours , if you want drinks to be finnish for 12 then don't sell drink after 11.30pm I bet you don't bring that rule in Evil or Very Mad 

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blazers reply

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